Flat Iron Lizze Supreme

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- Lizze Supreme is the best straightener in the universe!

- 1,5 inch titanium flat

The Lizze Supreme Flat Iron has been developed with the latest technology, offering unmatched shine and softness to the hair. This larger-sized model features a 1.5-inch blade width, allowing for faster and more efficient straightening. With a maximum temperature of 485 ºF (252 ºC), it is the ideal choice for professionals seeking exceptional results.

The Lizze Supreme Flat Iron boasts advanced ceramic heating elements, ensuring even heat distribution that remains consistent as it passes through the hair. This provides a smooth and long-lasting straightening experience without causing damage to the strands. Its high-performance heating system ensures quick heat recovery, maintaining a constant plate temperature throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, the Lizze Supreme Flat Iron features titanium-coated plates that provide additional protection to the hair, preventing direct contact with the aluminum plate. This results in precise, uniform, and frizz-free straightening.

With a swivel cord, it offers complete freedom of movement during use. Its ergonomic and lightweight design ensures comfort for professionals during extended styling sessions.

The Lizze Supreme Flat Iron also includes an LED display and temperature control keys, allowing for easy adjustment of the desired temperature according to hair type and desired style.

If you're a hair professional seeking exceptional results and efficiency, the Lizze Supreme Flat Iron is the perfect choice. Enjoy fast, smooth, and long-lasting straightening, and elevate the quality of your services to the next level.